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Posting Covers On YouTube Is A Waste Of Your Time

A lot of music biz teachers will tell you that you should commit time to releasing cover songs on YouTube because you’ll get all kinds of organic growth and attention. I’m not saying that they're are lying to you. But I will tell you that they’re not giving you the whole story. In fact, as...


Everything You Need To Know About Branding

Here’s a question I get every now and again… and again: “What does ‘Schwilly Family’ mean?” The short answer is: A “Schwilly” is the ultimate community oriented music super-fan. A bunch of us used to reek havoc across the midwest music festival scene. ESPECIALLY Hookahville. At some point...


The Music Industry's "Great Lie"

Let's talk about the "Music Industry" for a moment. What IS that? According to one un-subscriber who wrote to me: "You don't know [email protected]!T about the Music Industry", I'm not qualified to answer that question. And the truth is... I don't. I don't care to. I don't need to. And you don't...