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  August, 2017

August 2nd

Jason's App, Hashtags, Crowdfunding, Schwilly Cover Roulette

August 3rd

MAP 2.0 Repurposing Content, YouTube, Button Generator

August 9th

Crowdfunding, MAP 2.0, PR Campaign, Time Management

August 10th

Afton Contracts, In-Person List Growth, QR Code Generator, Credit Card Readers from SumUp & PayPal, MuseScore

August 16th

MIDI Strings, CD Manufacturing (Easy Disc & Blank Media), Gypsies, Star Trek, Getting Started with the MAP, Facebook Live

August 17th

Human Trafficking, FIVERR, My 3 Big Ideas, Double vs. Single Opt-In, Punk Rawk Klothing

August 31st, Part 1

Jason's App, Breaking the 5K Barrier on Twitter, Recording Live Shows Solo, CD Baby DIY Conference, Merch

August 31st Part 1

Jason's App, Getting Past The 5K Hump In Twitter, Recording Live Shows Solo, CD Baby's DIY Conference, Merch

August 31st, Part 2

Brain Chemistry, Busking, Patreon, Twitter