Let's talk about the "Music Industry" for a moment.

What IS that?

According to one un-subscriber who wrote to me: "You don't know S@!T about the Music Industry", I'm not qualified to answer that question.

And the truth is... I don't.

I don't care to. I don't need to. And you don't either.

What I DO KNOW are: Music and Business. I studied them separately and built a BRAND NEW bridge between them. And that bridge is a LOT easier to cross when you don't have a herd of greedy trolls weighing you down.

I've never worked for a major label, or publisher, or any of the other corporate, conglomerate, or otherwise congealed entities that make up the "Music Industry".

If I had, I might be just another cog in their machine. Perpetuating the GREAT LIE in music: That YOU need THEM!

They do everything they can to make you believe that in order to achieve success (which I'm sure they would define differently than us Musicpreneurs), you have to spend the the Gross Domestic Product of a small country on building your audience. Or that you need connections ONLY THEY can provide in order to receive opportunities.

Well I'm here today (everyday, in fact), to call B.S. on the music industry's GREAT LIE.

This LIE causes countless musicians spend crazy amounts of money on all the wrong things, just because they are trying to emulate the antiquated "Label System".

That system never really worked. DEFINITELY never in a FAIR way.

Musicians gradually lose support from their families and friends as they miss important events and flush unimaginable of sums down the toilet for the slightest chance at "getting discovered" only to find dissapoinment again and again.

Can you blame them? They hate to see you suffer. And so do I.

Now that we have tools like email and social media that help us connect DIRECTLY with our fans and other music professionals, there's no reason to follow such a treacherous path anymore.

The path to making money is: Growth > Engagement > Monetization.

You can't skip any steps. And you MUST do them in THAT order.

Releases (like albums), are for Monetization. If you don't have anyone to sell it to, it makes NO business sense to spend lot of money recording one. REGARDLESS of what the elite, uber-expensive, studio tells you. Their interest is vested in convincing you to spend money.

Releases (like videos and other things that aren't for sale), are content for Engagement. It makes NO Business sense to spend a lot of money on video production if no one is going to see it. REGARDLESS of what the fancy videographer or "music industry insider" tells you. Their interest is vested in convincing you to spend money.

Releases are not very useful for growth.

EVERYDAY I watch in horror as as musicians pour ridiculous amounts of money into trying to force releases to stimulate growth, while COMPLETELY overlooking ACTUAL growth and engagement.

The BEST growth costs time. MUCH more than it costs money.

For example: The exception to the rule about videos that I mentioned above is "Cover Songs". Since YouTube is a major search engine (2nd only to Google), if you post videos of songs that people are ALREADY LOOKING FOR you'll get some growth. Well-targeted growth at that!

It doesn't cost any money to do that. But it does cost more time than many musicians seem to be willing to invest. PROBABLY because the GREAT LIE has convinced them that they must, instead, spend money.

The path I've forged to "Success in Music" is simple and MUCH more cost effective than the GREAT LIE would want you to believe. Especially for those of us who have "real life" and "day jobs" to manage along with our musical ambitions.

In September, through my upcoming "Musicpreneur Apprentice" program, I'll be able to take you by the hand and lead you down the path to "Success in Music" at a cost to you that will make music industry insiders HATE me.

Who am I kidding, they ALREADY hate me ;)

But in the meantime...

If you'd like to get a head start. And since growth is most likely the part that you're overlooking, you might as well enroll in my Twitter Mastery Course.

It's like NO OTHER Twitter training out there. But don't take MY word for it.

Lauryn posed the question in the Schwilly Family Musician Facebook group and here's what some that have already taken it said:

"My email list has more than doubled since I've been following Carlos' recommendations. That's proof in the pudding right there" -Colin Dyer

"To truly make use of social media to further your business you have to be social about it. But I can tell you that putting in the time and effort that Carlos talks about it is great if you can manage it. I have had so many wonderful conversations on twitter, so many more people engaging with me. This past month I sent CDs to England and Australia, a bracelet to Washington State and I'm currently filling an order for 2 CDs and a T-Shirt. I have been on Twitter for years and have never sold anything, so I can tell you that those sales only came from doing this program, and to people I never would have reached had I not been doing this." -Alex Winters

"We went one step beyond the course to hiring Carlos to manage our Twitter. In the last year (it's been a year this month), he's taken my following from 1,000 to 52,000. I've sold CDs to new Twitter fans, I've seen an increase in my digital downloads, Pandora spins, Spotify activity and YouTube subscribers. As he mentioned above I connected with a videographer who has done amazing videos (and he happened to be right here in my home town). I recently connected with an industry person who then referred me to a publisher who handles TV/Film placement and we're in conversation. I've connected with fans all across the globe I would have never had before. I connected with a radio DJ in Sweden who then organized two performances for me during my European trip this Spring at which I sold a ton of CDs. Plus, venues, booking agents and industry folks look at your social following as a barometer of how you're doing out there in the market. Is it worth it even though I can't show you an exact dollar for dollar ROI? In my book absolutely. And the knowledge Carlos offers is worth more than the prices he charges for his courses. There are sharks out there who are just in it to get your money. Carlos actually cares about helping us all get to where we want to go. And there's my 2 cents worth!" -John Tracy

"The course definitely works. We're increasing about 280 followers a week on twitter, and 6 a week on email list. Our twitter account is VERY active and people are spreading the word about the band. We have not tried to monetize yet - I've only been doing the strategy for about 3 weeks." - David Henderson

"The course works beautifully and I have made my money back on the investment of the course through CD sales online through my website. I have also found a super fan who has purchased 25 copies of the CD. Also we get about 70 or 80 followers (on the average) a day or about 2,000 a month on the Twitter account. Our EMAIL list is at about 730 and started AT ZERO about 5 months ago. I'm very happy with the money it has produced." - Ken Townshend

Anyway... If you want it. Get it here: