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  June 2017

June 1st

Archiving Emails, Making Wordpress Content Exclusive, Camera Lighting, Unlimited Sources of Ideas For Emails Here & Here, Songwriting Agreements, Sources of Ideas For FB Group Posts, Dealing With Haters, Approaching Laser-Focused (non-fan) Twitter Targets, Getting Subscribers to Join Your Facebook Group, ProWritingAid.Com

June 15th

Twitter Police SWAT Crackdown, Celebrating Wins

June 21st

Getting Started, New Tweepi, SFM Done For You Services, Podcasting, Vocal Chord Nodules

June 28th

Digital Distribution, Twitter, Generosity, Pay What You Want Option for WooCommerce, Cross-Platform Promotion, Fan Clubs

June 29th

Opening Doors, Seed Paper, Crowdfunding, Gig Salad